OCOBIA Request: Trucker Convoy Protest in Ottawa, business support

Open request letter to:

Hon. Minister Parliament Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board
Minister Parliament Yasir Naqvi, Ottawa Centre

Re: Trucker Convoy Protest in Ottawa

Dear Ministers,

We are writing to you today on behalf of 19 Ottawa BIAs, and the estimated collective 120,000 staff members within; more specifically, the eleven Ottawa BIAs within Ottawa’s core.

As you are aware, the Trucker Convoy Protest in Ottawa has seriously impacted businesses and citizens of Ottawa’s downtown core.

Impacts on businesses due to the Convoy Protest:

  1. Where obstruction of access due to thousands of trucks on Ottawa’s streets over the course of last weekend and during the week impacted staffing, delivery of goods and services to and from businesses

  2. Where obstruction was not an issue, many businesses were forced to shut down due to protest violations of Ontario public health restrictions/laws in place

  3. Where staff were threatened through attempts to uphold Ontario public health restrictions and measures; and consequently sent home.

The financial hit, at a time when many businesses were poised to reopen on January 31, 2022, is immense. 

OCOBIA issued a survey to 11 Business Improvement Areas in Ottawa’s core to gather data on the Truck Convoy Protest impacts, to date. As of today, we have received 215 responses.

  • 52% of the businesses surveyed stayed open during the protest. 48% closed specifically due to the protest (whether during or in preparation).

  • 75% of the businesses surveyed lost revenue due directly to the protest

  • 54% of the businesses surveyed cannot recover the revenue lost during the protest

  • 45% of staff of the respondents were obstructed from coming into work

  • 17% of staff of the respondents were sent home during the protest

The BIA Business respondents were located in:

  • Westboro Village BIA

  • Wellington West BIA

  • Somerset Chinatown BIA

  • Preston Street BIA

  • Somerset Village BIA

  • Glebe BIA

  • Bank Street BIA

  • Sparks Street BIA

  • ByWard Market BIA

  • Downtown Rideau BIA

  • Vanier BIA

We share this data to convey the impact of the Truck Convoy Protest only to this specific date and time… it is still ongoing.

Through the sharing of this data, and the ongoing risk of business and staff livelihoods being further affected, we are requesting the following:

  1. Release funding supports to businesses directly affected by this protest

  2. Release funding supports to employees directly affected by this protest

  3. Review and request Federal involvement in this protest, as it needs to be focused at Parliament Hill, where the issues lie, and not through the streets and BIAs of the City of Ottawa

We greatly appreciate the many supports our Government has provided over the course of several lockdowns due to this pandemic. The businesses and citizens of Ottawa need immediate action and support due to this protest.

Thank you for your consideration.



Ottawa Coalition of Business Improvement Areas is an advocate and influencer on issues and policies affecting the economic development and well-being of Ottawa BIAs – and the businesses they represent.


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