The Ottawa Coalition of Business Improvement Areas

Ottawa is home to 19 BIAs found in downtown, suburban and rural settings. Together, they represent more than 6,400 property owners and businesses who employ 120,000 people and generate a quarter of a billion dollars in municipal tax revenue each year. Ottawa BIA’s invest an additional $7.4 million each year into their neighbourhoods. On-street beautification initiatives, marketing and promotional campaigns, street festivals, clean-street campaigns and public safety initiatives are but a few examples of their important work. They advocate for the interests of their business members and the greater community on a host of issues and serve as catalysts for positive change.

OCOBIA is a unified voice of the 19 Business Improvement Areas within urban, suburban and rural Ottawa who, when combined, represent more than 6,400 businesses and their 100,000 employees to:

  • Advocate and influence policies that affect BIAs and their surrounding communities
  • Protect the interests of BIAs and communicate the importance of their impact on local economies and tourism
  • Promote strong, successful and effective BIAs in the City of Ottawa
  • Implement joint initiatives that benefit groups within OCOBIA on issues and projects, including studies and research in marketing.
  • Facilitate and share the exchange of information, experiences and ideas among BIAs through a centralized resource


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